Haven’t all of us at one time in our lives chanted that sweet homage to the coolest, creamiest dessert on the planet? Frankie’s Frozen Treats is a family owned and operated dessert truck enterprise. Rising from humble beginnings, the Lopez Family find themselves fulfilling a lifelong dream of making countless people happy by providing the yummiest treats available. Simply stated: their ultimate goal at all times is complete customer satisfaction and happiness. All their desserts are made with the freshest ingredients available. The family feels incredibly proud when their guests leave Frankie’s Frozen Treats feeling significantly happier than they were before receiving their unrivaled traveling ice-cream experience. Customers not only feel fuller in the tummy; they feel richer in their soul.

Frankie’s Frozen Treats maintains the traditional ice cream truck feel that we grew up with so long ago. Just close your eyes and remember the thrill of chasing down the ice cream man down your block. You know the menu by heart! But, Frankie’s Frozen Treats has added a modern spin too, by offering fresh, made-to-order treats and desserts, hand-scooped ice cream, and as well as traditional Mexican desserts. To ensure faster, more efficient service, Frankie’s Frozen Treats has added some of the new, high-speed technology. They are more than happy to travel to your event -- whether near or far, jamming out all the latest songs and music videos on their 32-inch flat screen television.

Frankie’s Frozen Treats goal is to bring happiness and joy to all their patrons, family, and friends through nostalgia while adding a touch of modern culture. Now, repeat after me: “I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream!” Mission accomplished!